Manage loads, not documents.

Upload and share load documentation in an easy to use and searchable solution for your computer and phone.

Upload documents on your own terms. In the office or on the go, LoadDocs makes it easy for you to capture documents.


Share in seconds. See who has access to every document and communicate with them instantly. Easy communication, centralized.


Augment or leave paper behind. Access all your documents in one central repository. Any where, any time on any device.


Pull up documents with just a few clicks. LoadDocs captures text allowing users to search within a document.

Move away from paper

The costs of managing physical paper can have severely negative effects on the bottom line of businesses in the trucking industry. In this increasingly competitive industry, companies need every advantage possible to succeed. An effective document management software like LoadDocs has vast implications for efficiency gains and cost reductions.

For example, a small carrier that processes 400 loads per month incurs annual paperwork-related expenses of a staggering $62,745. Software such as LoadDocs can eliminate these expenses, driving significant returns to the business.

Save Time
  • No more photocopying and mailing.
  • Searching through file cabinets and storage containers is now a thing of the past.
  • Avoid burning hours-of-service due to mail or fax runs.
  • Never deal with broken fax kiosks again.
Save Money
  • No mailing or fax fees.
  • No costly physical document storage and access fees.
  • Faster invoicing.
  • Reduce headcount needed to manage paper overhead.
Access Anywhere

In the office or on the road, we've got you covered. Learn more about our web application and our mobile applications.

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